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3 Masterclasses on Speed Training for Physios, Re-Designing Your Warm Up For Team Sports & Manipulating the coaching environment to optimally express against stress. Plus two free bonus masterclasses (see below).

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Scott Hopson: "Stress & Expression"

    • Part 1 - The introduction to the simple concept that underpins everything we do in coaching and therapy

    • Part 2 - What 3 systems influence our response to stress?

    • Part 3 - The third brain and its importance in responding to stress

    • Part 4 - Introduction to the sticking points in handling stresses in our body

    • Part 5 - Chat Time

  • 2

    Rett Larson & Greg Dea: "Re-designing your wam-up to increase effectiveness through strength and physical therapy"

    • Part 1 - Unveiling the important considerations of the sport-specific and moment-specific warm ups

    • Part 2 - How to structure your warm up with specific design

    • Part 3 - More practical examples and revelations

    • Part 4 - Fine tuning the importance of both Physio and Strength Coach in specifics, plus more video examples and explanations

    • Part 5 - Chat Time

  • 3

    Lance Walker: Max Velocity Training for Physios

    • Part 1 - Introduction to bringing the performance world into the physio world to bridge up to where athletes need to be through rehabilitation and beyond.

    • Part 2 - Specific kinetics and kinematics of max velocity running for injury prevention and "true function"

    • Part 3 - Examples of specific drills and exercises in a speed school through early to late stage rehabilitation.

    • Part 4 - Applied speed training specifics

    • Part 5 - Chat Time

  • 4

    Bonus 1: Bridging The Gap From Injury To Performance - in a football athlete using a Functional Movement Systems Approach: Alternative Physiotherapy Strategies for Calf Injuries

    • Part 1 - Mapping out a 12-day plan for an injured athlete

    • Part 2 - Specific testing and training through the 12-day plan.

    • Part 3 - Late stage specific testing and training through to returning to sport.

  • 5

    Bonus 2: Supersets For Smarter High-Volume Training

    • Complete Masterclass with lots of video examples & theoretical principles

    • Chat time

Two bonus masterclasses

$60 Value Free For A Limited Time

  • Bridging the gap from injury to performance

    A masterclass on alternative sports physiotherapy strategies for a footballer with a calf injury. Part 1 - Medical and functional diagnosis, then early intervention. Part 2 - Corrective exercises for mobility & stability, with energy system development. Part 3 - Energy System Development, Re-testing and Return To Sport Training.

  • Supersets for smarter high-volume training

    In the world of sports performance, it’s often said that strength underpins everything we do. However, it’s not possible to force any more strength out of our athlete’s body’s than our nervous system allows. And yet, coaches and trainers often do just that – demand more from their athletes with supersets. The majority of supersets don’t have to blast the nervous system. This is contrary to popular belief in a fitness industry enamored with workouts over training. Learn how to change your supersets to caress the nervous system rather than blast it.

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