Who is Luís Mesquita?

Luís Mequita is well-travelled Portuguese athletic performance enthusiast who uses his Physiotherapy and Strength and Conditioning qualifications to enhance physical qualities and reduction of injury risk within professional sports teams and athletes in multiple countries.

 Luís’s “learn-practice-teach” model is a key aspect of his industry and career development. He is frequently invited as a speaker for national and international conferences, as well as lecturer for university, courses and workshops, where he shares his personal and professional experience with peers.


Luís's presentation is titled, “How Strong is Strong Enough?” It is a thought-provoking look at balancing the strength training in athletic development. He defines time- and context-dependence concepts around strength, relating this to individual needs with a focussed message on what are the limitations of strength-training and of course, how it transfers to performance.


What is included?

5-part video,

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    Luis Mesquita - How Strong is Strong Enough?

    • How Strong Is Strong Enough? Part 1

    • How Strong Is Strong Enough? Part 2

    • How Strong Is Strong Enough? Part 3

    • How Strong Is Strong Enough? Part 4

    • How Strong Is Strong Enough? Part 5

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    • How Strong Is Strong Enough? - Powerpoint PDF

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