Who is Scott Hopson?

Scott is an internationally recognized leader in human performance, coaching and education. He is co-founder of Pivotal - a global development company empowering people to fulfil their greatest potential, and PTA Global - the leader in professional fitness development.

In a career spanning 20+ years he has delivered 5000+ live events, impacting over 100,000 coaches, clients and athletes, in more than a 100-countries world-wide. He is an Education Director for the Gray Institute, a global educator for EXOS, and Advisory Board Member for Power Plate.

Former leadership roles include International Fitness Director of Midtown Athletic Clubs, International Research, Education and Training Director of Power Plate, and National Fitness Director of Holmes Place Health Clubs.

At the heart of his extensive leadership work is the ability to inspire and develop people and teams by making the complex simple to create breakthrough performances. Scott is renowned for his great passion and work in professional coach development and youth coaching. His work has been integrated into Olympic Associations, NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, Tennis Corporation of America, senior club rugby, youth soccer, as well as the many of the best health and athletic clubs around the world.

He is a respected industry consultant, presenter and published author whose educational and professional qualifications include: BS Sports Science and Education, PTA Global, Gray Institute, EXOS, NSCA, NASM, ACSM, US Soccer, USA Rugby, IYCA, CHEK.

Co-Founder I Pivotal

Co-Founder I PTA Global

Education Director I Gray Institute

Education Team I EXOS

Chairman Advisory Board I Power Plate

Industry Coach, Consultant & Educator

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    Scott Hopson: Stress & Expression

    • Stress & Expression Part 1

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    • Let's Dig Deeper Into Scott's Mind in Chat Time

    • Scott Hopson Bio

    • Stress & Expression Powerpoint as PDF

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