Who is Vanessa Gurie?

Vanessa Gurie spent 10 years leading Performance Medicine teams and the Global Performance Medicine Touring division at Cirque du Soleil across 48 countries. She also managed continuous operations on 5 continents with 21+ full time staff and provided medical services to 1200+ athletes from over 40 countries. She was instrumental in the implementation of the injury prevention ecosystem which demonstrated a 34% reduction in injury recovery timelines.


Vanessa then successfully leveraged her transferable skills from Sports Performance Medicine and co-founded I-Ophthalmology which leverages AI to access remote patients with acute eye conditions. I-Ophthalmology won the Johns Hopkins Design Health Award, the European Institute in Technology Healthcare Innovation Showcase and were 2nd finalists in the EIT Wild Card in Smart Health.



Vanessa currently represents APAC Boston Scientific in Global Leadership Management and coaches for the MIT/Harvard Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamps, Sports Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and Technology Bootcamps.


Vanessa has lived on 4 continents and studied in 4 different countries. She is a Bio-Design D-Health Fellow, has an MBA in Finance, a Masters in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy and was the Henry Mitchell scholarship recipient from the University of Missouri/University of Western Cape for her undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy. Vanessa has also pioneered the establishment of Performance Medicine Services and emergency response for Cambodian Circus Schools and has been the clinical lead for other sports, hospital and private practice medical teams.


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